Nicolás Hinrichs

Nicolás Hinrichs Portrait (by Sophie Valentin)

Dr. Nicolás Hinrichs, born in 1989, is a German-Chilean cognitive neuroscientist, working on clinical and language phenomena with hyperscanning and eye-tracking methods, as well as philosophy of science projects, currently as a visiting scholar at the Institute for Applied Linguistics and Translatology of the Universität Leipzig (Germany); where he is pursuing his Habilitation and whose director, Prof. Oliver Czulo, is his current advisor. For the latter purpose he recently founded a research group with Dr. Maryam Foradi so as to carry out an agenda that combines a computational, corpus exploration of behavioural and neural correlates to translation universals on the basis of Frame Semantics, as proposed by the Global FrameNet initiative.

Nicolás has had an ethnographic stance while critically assessing cultures of cognition across research niches as discoursive practies, in order to question the emergence of the ontic and epistemic roots of them, as well as their aesthetic rituals as modes of knowledge production. This endeavour will come forth in a series of publications redacted with fellow peers. The first one was single-authored and released mid-September 2020 as a research article in a Special Issue of the Journal Frontiers in Neuroscience titled “(New) Realist Social Cognition”. In particular, he begun writing a book on these matters with theoretical neuroscientist Noah Guzmán from the California Institute of Technology (USA); specifically so, on a realist ontology for intra-action.

For his Dissertation, Nicolás investigated the so-called reversal of the concreteness effect of nouns in Chilean Spanish from a 5EA-C based perspective. During his study he also performed a research stay at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, and was appointed assistant lecturer and laboratory manager throughout most of his stay in that doctoral program. He received his PhD in Psycholinguistics from the University of Concepción (Chile) through the Chilean National Agency for Research and Development. He also holds a Licenciatura (German equivalent: Diplom) in Physical (Biological) Anthropology from the same institution and has dabbled in healthcare consultancy as a freelance analyst for The Economist, a genetics firma, and as a medical information specialist for BioNtech’s Comirnaty through ProPharma Group.

Nicolás recurrently serves as manuscript proofreader and reviewer for diverse journals, conferences, and publishing houses, and recently joined ASAPBio as a Fellow, as well as the Neuromatch academy as a Professional Development mentor. He’s also interested in Web3 based descentralised science and, more broadly, in pre-prints and science communication.

Last and least, he’s also a pianist of classical and jazz tradition; having had several bands – among them “Niño Cohete”, a pop formation that enjoyed moderate success in Chile – and taught piano and guitar; he has also held lecture performances such as “Time Decoration” on his process of composition at the bernese atelier Schwobhaus (Switzerland) and interdisciplinary symposia such as “Seeing and moving” with Dr. Tomaso Tosato and Maike Hautz, which was held by dancer and choreographer Charlie Fouchier.

Nicolás Hinrichs (by Sophie Valentin)