Nicolás Hinrichs

Nicolás Hinrichs Portrait (by Sophie Valentin)

Researcher interested in behavioral and neurobiological correlates of psychotherapy via hyperscanning, as well as multimodal computational and eye-tracking approaches to linguistic phenomena within the Global FrameNet initiative; also carries out philosophy of science and metaphysics projects, as influenced by embodied cognition, ecological psychology, process philosophy, and participatory sense-making. Recurrently serving as manuscript proofreader and reviewer for diverse journals, conferences, and publishing houses, and recently joined ASAPBio as a Fellow, as well as the Neuromatch Academy as Instruction Chair. Also interested in Web3 based descentralised science and, more broadly, in science communication. Begun building a parallel career in healthcare and tech around business intelligence and content strategy.

Nicolás Hinrichs (by Sophie Valentin)